The 90 Day Coach
The 90 Day Coach

The 90 Day Coach

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When you chose to Natalie as your 90 Day Coach; you're partnering with a Solopreneur who gets how hard the HUSTLE can be. You will be challenged and you may not like what I suggest at first. But I will also inspire you to be productive and accountable. I will be YOUR biggest cheerleader but you will need to take action to get cheers... Business is not "nice" and it's definitely not "Work smarter, not harder". That type of thinking will have you doing only the bare minimum in your business. I am all about challenging you to step up to the next level. We are going to explore the bigger questions in business that are often overlooked:

  •  What is your Business Model/ Plan looking like?  
  •  What is your marketing strategy for the last quarter of 2017?
  •  What is your highest grossing product or service? 

 Your 90- Day Private Coach: Like a fingerprint, each plan is customized to YOUR needs. This outline gives you a starting point. Where your business ends up depends on you and your work ethic:

Phase 1: Clarity and Reality (Day 1-30)

  • Identifying 90-Day goals and assessing if they are achievable within the 90-day period
  • Creating a Business Model Structure by visually identifying all 9 building blocks (This so much fun!) 
  • Creating a system/calendar process of reaching to 90 Day goal

Phase 2: Purpose & Passion (Day 31-60)

  • Identifying your VP (Value Proposition) for your determined segmented audience.
  • Defining your Mission Statement
  • Develop a Marketing Strategy that includes online and offline approach 

Phase 3: Action & Implementation (Day 61-90)

  • Begin implementing the Business Model & Marketing Strategy 
  • Execution of Digital Marketing audit 
  • Review goals and set your goal for the next 30 days 

Phase 4: Post Coaching Check-In 

  • 1 hr follow-up session review/check up 1 month after completion of program (phone or in person)
  • Review of your last 30 days and areas you may need assistance