Professional ReBranding
Professional ReBranding

Professional ReBranding

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This Professional Rebranding Workshop is designed for anybody wanting to learn, how to strategically begin their job search, go through a career change or create a brand as solopreneur. This course will cover identifying your Brand Statement, Embracing LinkedIn as Career Planning tool, and how to effectively write and speak to your resume.

 Who is this Coaching For:

  • Career Changers- Are you looking to change industries? Are you ready to step into a new setting and make a change? Do you see yourself doing and being more in your professional career?
  • Under Employed- Are you feeling undervalued in your current position? Are you the constant, slightly underpaid, leader on your team that consistently brings measurable value? Was your last interview 10yrs ago and you haven’t clue where to start?
  • Solopreneur – Does your Brand drive your business? Are you looking to implement a new strategy and set your next level goals? Are you leveraging your Social Media to build and maximize effective business relationships?

This Coaching Will:

  • An effective accomplished based, resume that demonstrates your unique value and gets the attention of hiring managers.
  • Effective interview strategies that will demonstrate value and provide interviewer’s w/ confidence, clarity and conciseness.
  • How to leverage LinkedIn and other Social Media Platforms as your Career Road Map
  • A 90 Day Professional Development Plan created by YOU.


Session 1

  • Myers-Briggs Deep Dive
  • Creating a Brand Statement

Session 2

  • Understanding soft/hard skills transferable skill
  • Resume Revamp Part 1

Session 3 

  • Resume Revamp Part2
  • Cover letters
  • Job Search, The New Tools, and LINKEDIN

 Session 4

  • Interview Types and Examples
  • Behavioral Speed Interviewing

Session 5

  • Create a Career Plan
  • 90 Day Career Goal Setting Strategy